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Party Manifestos

Party Manifestos: Should they be legally binding contracts?

One thing is sure, Innovation & Politics dont fit well together however;

Why is it not a crime to break party manifestos promises? This seems a simple way of making election manifestos genuinely meaningful documents – and also protecting the democratic process. Some allowance could be made for changing situations once power has been won, but I don’t see general downside in holding party leaders individually and criminally responsible for broken guarantees.

The simple answer is that it’s not a crime because Parliament hasn’t passed a law making manifesto’s legally enforceable.… See more...

Grant Funding

Benefits of collaborating with an academic partner when applying for Grant Funding

Applying for grant funding can facilitate collaborations with unique industry, research and academic partners to help deliver world-leading innovation projects. These collaborations open up access to new technologies, strategies and expertise – further enhancing results for your business.


With the growing complexity of problems needing solutions, universities can supply a new or different perspective to your product, process or answer and potentially offer more time to reflect onconsideration on the problem and published literature.


Not only can lecturers provide you with their expertise, but they can also provide the use of facilities that could transform your innovation into an industry-leading technology.… See more...