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We are Capti Innovation™

We specialise in writing grant proposals focused on technology and innovation, securing millions for our clients worldwide. With over 14 years of experience, we have successfully written applications for a variety of funding opportunities across the globe. Our passion for disruptive innovation motivates us to drive positive change for the environment, businesses, and society. For more than a decade, we have been dedicated to assisting innovative UK companies in expanding and thriving on a global scale.

John Edward Clarke

CEO Capti Group

+44 (0) 7468 950 415 

Capti Innovation History

Our company, Capti Innovation, was established on June 3rd, 2010 at 14:11. Initially, our focus was on assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in applying for government contracts. However, by 2017, we had shifted our entire focus to supporting innovation. Our founder, who had a strong background in manufacturing, recognized that innovators required more help to bring their ideas to life and to the market. As a result, we began providing services such as market research, funding advice, commercialization plans, and scale-up strategies. Our efforts were met with immediate success, and we continue to expand our services to this day.

Our Creed

The four pillars of our creed are; innovation, sustainability, disruption and responsibility.

Core Business Activities

We specialize in writing innovation grants, including applications for Innovate UK, EIC Accelerator, SBRI, NIHR, DASA, Ofwat, and other similar calls. Our consultancy firm is unique in that we are a dedicated innovation agency, offering comprehensive commercial support to innovators, from idea inception to realization. Our ultimate measure of success is based on the success of our clients.

Our primary goal is to discover the most creative and effective solutions for our clients. By collaborating closely with Innovate UK and other funding bodies, we stay up-to-date with the latest developments in innovation both in the UK and worldwide.

Our goal is to assist clients in identifying untapped markets and developing strategies to successfully introduce new products and services. Disruptive innovation is a key approach we use to achieve this objective.

At our core, we value forward-thinking businesses that prioritize sustainability, job creation, and positive environmental impact. We aim to champion technologies and practices that drive positive change for a better world.

Capti Innovation recognizes our duty to both our clients and society. Therefore, we make every effort to uphold our values and foster positive social progress through innovative actions.

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