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Capti Innovation provides a range of services in the general domain. While our expertise lies in bid and grant writing, we also recognize the value of offering comprehensive business funding solutions. Therefore, we have established partnerships with various stakeholders to deliver a complete package of funding options for startups and businesses. Whether you are in the pre-revenue stage and seeking seed funding or have already completed essential steps like proof of concept and MVP, we are capable of assisting you with diverse funding sources, including angel investors, loans, grants, and venture capital.

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Grant Advance

Some businesses encounter cash flow problems during the early stages of their projects as grants are paid retrospectively. To address this issue, companies that secure government grant funding can opt for grant advance funding. This method, also known as grant-based funding, allows businesses to obtain the necessary capital months in advance. As a result, they can start their projects, meet grant milestones, maintain equity, and stay on track with their schedules.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, companies must be prepared to adapt to both opportunities and threats. But how can they do this effectively? Whether you are leading a software, hardware, semiconductor, services, storage, components or peripherals business, Capti Innovation can provide you with cross-sector expertise and global insights to help you plan for and maintain success amidst disruption and innovation.

Our grant writers collaborate with leading technology and manufacturing companies to develop strategic plans, tackling industry-specific challenges such as how technical and business model innovations might shape the growth of a company’s core business. We also explore the impact of disruption on businesses and industries, and determine whether companies should consider entering the services profit pools of their industry – and if so, how to do so successfully.

Companies face many daunting and often conflicting challenges. While new markets and competitors continue to emerge, driven by innovation across seven general themes, businesses must also navigate the perennial themes of the industry. The new supplements rather than supplants the old, resulting in an increasingly complex landscape. Alongside this rapid innovation, many “older” segments of the high-tech industry are maturing, following classic patterns seen over time.

Our team at Capti has extensive experience in writing grants for various projects, including Framework Programmes 5, 6, 7, and Horizon 2020, as well as Innovate UK, Erasmus, and European Structural & Investment Fund (ESIF) projects. We understand the importance of innovation management at regional, national, and international levels and have the expertise to support research and innovation projects, as well as commercialisation through spin-out and high-growth companies. Our team will work closely with your organisation to ensure that all milestones and objectives are met. Additionally, we can help you connect with private investors to secure additional funding for your project’s continued growth post-completion.

Capti Project Evaluation & Review

At Capti Innovation, our grant writing team is proud to be unique. We have expert reviewers and evaluators in-house who gained hands-on industry experience within the very funding organizations we support today. This means that when we write your project, you can trust that our team will give it the utmost care and attention, providing the extra detail you need to succeed. Even if you have already written your proposal, having an expert reviewer by your side can make all the difference. Proofreading is not just the “final touch” that eliminates typos and misspellings; it is a crucial part of the bid writing process that can mean the difference between rejection and approval.

Capti Collaboration Partner Search

Many funding programs require collaboration between a specific number of organizations across the UK, Europe, and sometimes beyond, such as Eureka-Eurostars or Associated Countries. In the research and innovation funding ecosystem, any company, research organization, or non-governmental organization can be a partner if they prove themselves financially viable and qualified to perform the tasks specified in the project proposal.


At Capti, we have extensive experience and a track record in international collaboration, which means we have built solid relationships in both business and academia. We have facilitated transnational business-business and business-academia innovation partnerships, supporting the creation of numerous project consortiums. Capti can help you find a suitable business/project partner who meets the legal criteria required and has specific expertise and/or resources to complement your own.


With this aim, we provide you access to our network of contacts extending to different sectors of activity, alongside guidance in building strong consortiums and fruitful business partnerships.

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