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Allow Capti Innovation’s superior assistance to boost your clients’ growth, scalability, and success.


Help your customers speed up their expansion with Capti Innovation’s unrivaled strategic partner support.

Making a lasting impression

John Edward Clarke

CEO Capti Group

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Understanding your goals

Understanding Your Organization is an essential part of developing a robust and successful partnership. It involves analysing the mission, vision, values and goals of your organization, understanding what makes it unique, exploring its internal and external environment, and analysing how all these components interact with each other. Furthermore, it involves gaining insight into key stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers and staff; assessing strengths and weaknesses; learning from successes and failures; building relationships with key players; and using sound financial management techniques to ensure success. Ultimately, an effective understanding of your organization can help us build a sustainable competitive partnership.

Empowering you and your team to succeed.

Capti Innovation strives to support our partners beyond just giving assistance to their clients. We are devoted to empowering you and your team, sharing knowledge that provides the understanding, assets, and resources needed to improve your services and make your customers’ experiences more profitable and satisfying.

Transparency and communication

Identifying Areas of Assistance

Identifying areas where support is needed is an important step in achieving combined success. It allows us to determine how best to allocate resources and identify solutions that can support our partnership in accomplishing our goals. We should strive to use data and research to understand the specific needs of your organization and create strategies to offer guidance, resources, or other forms of aid when necessary.

At Capti Innovation, we are committed to providing transparency and clear communication. To ensure this, we created an exclusive partnership portal. This platform offers you real-time insight into the progress of your clients’ projects along with access to trackable leads, tailored support packages, and other essential resources. You can see the login for this on all Capti Innovation pages in the footer under “client login”

Capti Innovation referral rewards program

We recognize the value of recognizing and rewarding your referrals to us. As a sign of our gratitude, we have created a referral reward system with an attractive fee distribution process to recognize your contributions and celebrate our common success. Alternatively, we could make a donation to the charity of your selection. For further details of our confidential reward programme please speak directly to our group CEO, you will find his personal contact details at the top of this page.

Let's tap into our potential together.

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Funding networks

Assist your clients in locating the appropriate funding for their needs through our extraordinary access to a variety of funding options. Let us help you find the perfect avenue for securing the vital resources they need.

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Commercial expertise

We have leveraged our extensive experience to successfully commercialize hundreds of groundbreaking businesses spanning a broad spectrum of industries.

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Global reach

Assist your clients in locating We have an international presence, leveraging our connections and networks around the world through Innovate UK EDGE, Ofwat, MOD and the European Enterprise Network (EEN). This expansive network allows us to access resources and expertise from a variety of diverse locations globally.

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