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Capti Innovation Business Funding Options

Whether you’re a new business entrepreneur or a start-up company looking to expand further, there are several ways to secure business funding with Capti Startup Business Funding Options.

Grants - Capti are the leading UK specialists in Innovate UK Smart Grants.

UK and EU grants are the cheapest way to finance a start-up company but the paperwork-heavy processes can often be headache inducing, this is where Capti strategy & innovation consultants stand ready to support any application or competition relevant to your business. Often grant applications require some match funding & this is where Capti can help to introduce you to venture captial investors who specialise in disruptive innovation startups.


Startup Business Funding Options Usually granted to well-established businesses that can provide security to borrow against and can prove a prior history of credit, stability and financial growth. These criteria make it hard for a start-up business to qualify, even if it’s only for a small loan. Add to that bank and credit companies’ reluctance to lend money in today’s struggling economy, and approval for high-risk loans is becoming more improbable.


A third source of business funding is equity. Business angels, or private investors, can provide start-up equity, called seed capital. For young companies, private equity investors are a great source for securing initial financing. Business angels usually provide seed capital in the range from £10,000 to £400,000, plus business angels offer their business expertise and contacts to help their investments grow.

Capti Innovation prides itself on being the only company that fully concentrates on supporting innovation and technology grants in the UK. Our expertise in this area means that you have a better chance of winning grant applications, which will save you time and make your proposal stand out. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality service. We have a proven track record of success and will work closely with you to ensure that your grant application is of the highest quality. Let us help you achieve your goals and secure the funding you need for your business.

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