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Capti Innovation Consultancy Services

Championing commercial exploitation of disruptive innovation

Marketing Research Consultancy

Gain valuable insights. Discover market opportunities through competitors’ analysis

At Capti Innovation, we offer market research and commercialization services that can help you take advantage of your innovations. We use a variety of research methods to identify opportunities, minimize risks, and plan your market strategy. Our research portfolio includes product feasibility studies, competitor reports, pricing strategy, demographic analysis, surveys, interviews, and marketing recommendations. With access to the most comprehensive market data resources, we can provide valuable insights. Additionally, our Future Scanning service uses predictive analysis to help organizations understand possible future scenarios related to their circumstances. In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, Future Scanning is an essential activity that can help you anticipate future events, manage threats, and respond to opportunities.

Scheduling and Planning

At Capti Innovation, we have extensive expertise in executing and monetizing projects that are funded through grants. We can assist your project in comprehending the mandatory compliance standards and ensure that it is completed successfully. Our team is adept at organizing, scheduling, and estimating projects that are funded by Innovate UK. As a support service, we can simplify some of the challenging responsibilities. We design and maintain project control documents, freeing up your time for other crucial responsibilities.

Project Planning

Capti Innovation provides support in conducting the initial project kick-off meeting to ensure a seamless start. For subsequent meetings, it’s crucial to implement a dependable project approach to produce the necessary documents and other deliverables required by the awarding authority.

Project Commercialisation

Capti Innovation offers project support services, as well as commercialisation support such as market research, business and price modelling, and exploitation planning. This ensures that your project is fully utilized. You can find more information on our Market Research page. Additionally, innovation projects may require Intellectual Property support to define Patent strategy and understand the IP implications. You can find more information on our IP services page.

Innovation Project Management

Intellectual Property Consultancy

We help you navigate the complex world of Intellectual Property

Capti Innovation is here to help you navigate the complex world of Intellectual Property and develop an effective IP strategy for your individual product or company as a whole. We can assist you in protecting, defining, and valuing your IP in both local and international markets through patent landscaping and IP intelligence. Our team can also provide competitor intelligence, offer advice on filing strategies, and analyze patentability to guide your product design elements, monetization, and risk management. We assess your organizational IP portfolio to identify the best approach and provide ongoing IP support through our IP Management services. If you need IP support but cannot justify a full-time IP manager, we can provide temporary or part-time support at the same level of expertise. Capti Innovation can also support grant-funded projects with detailed IP strategy reports to help you understand, protect, and exploit opportunities.

Enhance the effectiveness of your innovation strategy by boosting its success rate.

Whether you’re creating one product or a range of products, it’s crucial to implement innovation best practices. Capti Innovation is well-versed in the tools and procedures necessary for successful innovation. They offer a free evaluation of your current capabilities and provide a report with recommendations on where to improve your innovation. They can help you implement the right processes and approaches to effectively take ideas from conception to product/service launch. Additionally, they provide ongoing support to help you generate revenue from R&D Tax Credits through a pipeline of innovative projects.

Create a pipeline for valuable product ideas.

Looking to enhance collaboration, tap into collective knowledge, and create a strong pipeline of valuable ideas? Capti Innovation Idea Management is here to help you bring those great ideas to life. Our proven best practices will guide you in generating and capturing high-quality ideas, developing concepts, and delivering innovative new products, services, or enhancements. And if you need additional support, our team of highly experienced idea management specialists is available to help you implement a successful idea management process or solution.

Take advantage of opportunities to innovate your business and shake up the market.

Capti Innovation’s Business Model Innovation service assists clients in understanding, analyzing, and innovating their business models. This helps them find new ways to deliver and derive value from their existing products and services. The service includes analyzing competing and emerging business models in the marketplace and identifying new and innovative business models for clients.

Product Consultants

Pitch Deck and Business and Plans

We create strategies to secure investors

At Capti Innovation, we specialize in helping businesses make the most of their innovative ideas. Our team can create strong business plans and pitch deck packages that will help you secure funding, form partnerships, and promote your business. We understand that many entrepreneurs struggle to effectively communicate their ideas, even if they have great ones. That’s why we offer comprehensive support to turn your ideas into compelling proposals. We use expert tools, templates, and design elements to assess your innovation and product ideas, identifying potential weaknesses and strengthening your overall plan and pitch. Additionally, we provide pitch training and coaching for both individuals and groups. Let us help you bring your ideas to life.

Assisting companies in bridging the gap in innovation skills

At Capti Innovation, we offer training programs specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to grow their businesses. Our innovation-related courses are delivered in bite-sized portions and can be accessed flexibly and remotely to suit your schedule. Our training focuses on developing the expertise and skills required by leaders of SMEs to successfully commercialize and exploit innovation. As an entrepreneur, you need a unique and diverse skillset to succeed, and Capti Innovation can help you bridge any gaps in your knowledge and abilities.

Innovation Training

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