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Funding and Grant Support for all types of Businesses

Capti have over 10 years experience in helping businesses identify and secure all types of business funding from a wide variety of sources.

Complete support for funding and finance to assess the best options for your business

Need funding to take your business to the next level? Our team is here to help. We specialize in identifying and applying for various funding sources, including Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Office, Angel, and Alternative Finance Market. With over a decade of experience and hundreds of completed projects, we have established connections with investors who specialize in innovation funding. We partner with top funding platforms such as Crowdcube, Swoop, Finpoint, Funding Circle, and UKBAA to source funding for your business. Let us help you leverage these connections and take your business to new heights.

What is best for your business?

There are various types of funding available, each with its own unique characteristics.


Some may be quicker to obtain, while others may require more security and come with certain conditions or higher costs. It’s important to determine which type of funding is most suitable for your needs and circumstances so that it doesn’t hinder your business operations. Your financial arrangements should be like a sail, helping you move forward, rather than an anchor holding you back.

Finding Funding is straightforward and hassle free with Capti Innovation

Business Funding Options

Most small business funding falls into one of two categories:


  1. Debt: You borrow an amount of money and pay it back, usually with interest
  2. Equity finance: You get funds by selling a share of your business to investors
  3. Grant funding: You receive funds and don’t pay it back and there is no requirement to offer shares in your business. Sometimes you may need to source match funding to secure the grant.

You may end up with a mix of debt, grant and equity finance. Bear in mind, too, that there are many types of finance within these main categories.

At Capti Innovation, we firmly believe in focusing on one thing and doing it exceptionally well. In our case, that one thing is providing grant funding. To ensure we offer the best possible service, we have partnered with one of the UK’s leading funders to take care of all your business funding requirements.

Seven questions to ask before considering business finance

  1. What are you funding? Is it a startup? Are you buying a business? Or maybe an extension of an existing one? Do you want to solve a cash flow problem? Certain types of small business financing are better suited to different needs.
  2.  How much do you need and what will you spend it on? Knowing how much you need, when, and how much you will spend can help you determine the best financing option.
  3.  Are your financial needs short-term, long-term, or both? You may need short-term financing to start your business and long-term financing to keep it going for the first few years. You can go to a different place for everyone.
  4.  How risky is your business? A proven business idea can make it easier to obtain certain types of funding. However, there are opportunities for innovative business concepts. Can you find out where competitors get their money from?
  5.  What is your business (and also personal) financial history? An existing personal or professional relationship with a lender or investor can facilitate fundraising, good trading, and debt-repayment experiences.
  6.  How much will it cost? It is not possible to get a loan without incurring costs or having to give up something. Either you pay the interest to the lender or you give part of the profit to the investor. How do these costs add up over time?
  7.  Is it worth it? After calculating the cost of the loan, make sure it’s worth it. Does the extra money bring enough income and quality of life? In other words, what is the return on investment (ROI)?

Business Grants

Cut the time and headaches spent aimlessly wandering in the maze of confusing grants. Lengthy searches? Let Capti Innovation find you the most relevant grant funding

Equity Financing

Our established funding partner will help you connect with other 6000+ business angels, venture capital investors, crowdfunding investors, and equity investors via government initiatives

Business Loans

Which loan is right for you? Let our funding partner sift through offers from mainstream banks as well as consider alternative lenders to find the right fit for your business

Save in Business Expenses

Are you paying too much for your business bank account, credit card, or energy bills? Our funding partner can help you find some of the best deals on the market

R&D tax credits UK - through our specialist funding partner. Capti Innovation does not offer this service as we prefer to concentrate on Innovation Grants !

R&D tax credit is a cash payment from the government to encourage companies to undertake R&D and other innovation activities. R&D projects must be science or technology-related, but HMRC’s definition is broad and includes investments in information systems, data, cloud computing, mathematics (new addition) and more.

 The range of people doing qualified work is constantly expanding. Various events in recent years, including the pandemic and Brexit, have forced companies to increase their innovation to overcome constraints. If you’re a startup or developing processes and products to meet growing market demand, you’re likely eligible for research and development (R&D) tax credits. Research and development tax credits can be applied for up to two years prior to the application date. This gives you time to organize your business and ensure all eligible activities and costs are covered. Our trusted specialists will help you maximize your claim by identifying innovative activities while streamlining the process and handling your case for you.

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