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Capti Innovation Support all types of Grant Funded Projects

Our funding support packages help you to focus 100% on your project without the worry of finances, mapping, strategy, milestone reviews, compliance and administration.

John Edward Clarke

CEO Capti Group

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When managing Innovate UK and European grant-funded projects, it’s important to adhere to the compliance guidelines set by the UK Government and the EU. Whether you’re new to managing these types of projects or have experience, you know that demonstrating financial and project compliance requires significant involvement. This can be difficult and take away from the technical aspects of the project. Our team can help ease the burden by managing a significant portion of the compliance and project management overhead, allowing you to focus on project delivery.

Capti Innovation helps you to focus your expertise on the project while we manage the bureaucracy, project finances, administration, compliance and work package milestones.

How do we add value to your grant-funded project?

Stage 1: Pre Project Kick-Off

After your successful application, the funder will want to ensure that you are capable of delivering the project. Upon receiving your Grant Offer Letter, our team will assist you in creating and managing your level 1 and level 2 project plans and exploitation plans. We offer templates and guidance for financial compliance induction and can help with financial claims and project management. We can also coordinate the kick-off meeting with stakeholders, provide presentation templates, and advise monitoring officers on the project and financial compliance approach. Let us support you with the project kick-off.

We are here to assist you in setting up your project and ensuring that it starts smoothly. Our team will provide support and attend meetings with the funder, help you make a positive impression with your Monitoring Officer, and most importantly, ensure that all project documentation is set up correctly. Our experienced team is always ready to support your project through scheduled checkpoint meetings with action plans. We also provide ongoing management for project risks, issues, changes, as well as advice on Innovate UK and EU project regulations and guidelines. Additionally, we offer budgetary forecasting, assistance with project audits, and act as an intermediary between the auditor and client. We also offer support and advice relating to EU and Innovate UK online submission systems.

Stage 2: Project Kick-Off Delivery

Stage 3: Project Change Requests

As a project manager, change is a constant factor. Even when things go according to plan, you may encounter requests for minor changes from clients, team members, or other stakeholders. Your first step is to determine if the change is necessary and then assess its potential impact on the project. It’s advisable to seek input from your team members and inquire how the change may affect them. They may require additional resources or time to meet the customer’s expectations. If a stakeholder requests a change in the project’s deliverables, you may need to expand your team to ensure successful project completion. Therefore, tracking change requests is a significant responsibility for project managers. In case you need to make changes, our team is here to help. We offer best practice guidance on making cost-effective changes that minimize project disruption and maximize the value of the grant.

This stage is crucial for ensuring the cash flow of your project. We can assist with preparing necessary reporting documentation for each quarter, such as Progress Reports, Second-Level Project Plans, Project Risk Registers, Financial Forecasting, and Project Exploitation Planning. It’s essential to submit these reports accurately, as it impacts your payment. We suggest submitting quarterly reports to your funding authority at a minimum.

Stage 4: Project Reporting

Stage 5: Project Closure

Coordinate the closure of a project by preparing exploitation plans, final reports, financial claims, and providing guidance on next steps. Additionally, contribute to the final project presentation and meeting.







Why choose Capti Innovation?

At Capti Innovation, we have many years of experience helping our clients successfully apply for and deliver Innovate UK and European grant-funded projects. Our approach to project management and compliance has been praised by our clients and compliance officers, who frequently comment on our exceptional level of service. Our unique advantage is our specialization in compliance, and we achieve this through our experienced teams, which are supported by qualified accountants. We have extensive experience in delivering projects using PRINCE2, Agile, and PMQ, and we are fully flexible, providing support either as a sub-contractor or ad-hoc, as needed. Our commitment to going above and beyond ensures that we do everything possible to help make your project a success.

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