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EIC Accelerator - European Innovation Council

Capti Innovation are specialist in the preparation of & submission of the EIC Accelerator funding grant by the European Commission (EC) and the European Innovation Council (EIC). Our service includes the preparation of all written documents, video production & storyboarding the submission of the grant application through the EC’s Funding and Tenders Portal as well as re-submissions if needed. Under Horizon Europe (2021-2027), the EIC Accelerator follows a multi-step application procedure which begins with a short application and a pitch video, is followed by a long-form application document and, if successful, leads to an interview invitation to a face-to-face pitch week in Brussels (or video calls in rare exceptions). Segler Consulting’s services further extend to the support in scripting the pitch video, the preparation of the 10-minute pitch, in-depth briefings as well as multiple practice runs ahead of the 30-minute questioning by the jury.

Important EIC Accelerator update for UK applicants...

The Withdrawal Agreement (brexit) means that the UK can continue to participate in EU programmes, including Horizon 2020, that are financed by the 2014-2020 Financial Framework (MFF) until their closure (i.e. for the lifetime of grants). UK participants will continue to receive EU grant funding for the lifetime of individual Horizon 2020 projects, including projects finishing after the transition period ends at the end of 2020.


UK scientists, researchers and businesses can continue to participate in and lead Horizon 2020 projects and apply for Horizon 2020 grant funding. The vast majority of Horizon 2020 projects will be able to continue as before during the transition period and beyond. This includes ERC, MSCA, and the EIC Accelerator. However, for the latter, UK entities are now only eligible for the grant (not loans) element of the programme, meaning they cannot apply for equity support.

A very limited number of UK Horizon 2020 projects, which involve access to security-related sensitive information restricted for EU Member States, may be unable to continue after EU Exit in their current form. The government expects the European Commission to inform participants if this is the case.

The Future of the EIC / Project Horizons within the UK?

Horizon Europe is an EU research and innovation programme. It has a budget of €95.5 billion and runs until 2027. In January 2021, the government announced that the UK will associate to Horizon Europe. This means UK scientists, researchers and businesses will be able to access funding under the programme on equivalent terms as organisations in EU countries. We therefore strongly encourage researchers, businesses, and innovators in the UK and worldwide to continue to work together in establishing global consortia to bid for funding. The EU is still in the process of formalising the UK’s association. But UK-based applicants can begin applying straight away. You do not need to wait for the EU to formalise the association.

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