Capti UK & our global partners specialise in Global Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity by attracting investment and creating opportunities for entrepreneurial businesses to grow.



We are passionate about investing in business


We are well placed to provide our clients with a full suite of services, from private equity expertise, transaction experience to corporate services, in order to drive change in the investment of SMEs to help them scale.


Selling your company


If you are looking to sell your business we are interested to speak to business owners looking to exit.

If you have revenues of £1m – £100m and run a profitable business, we are particularly interested in companies that have been established for 5+ years with a credible management team.


Seeking Investment

Capti UK is actively looking to invest into firms that are seeking capital to grow further, want to expand in their markets or are looking to scale further. 



Taking your company public?


We are able to list your company onto the stock market. This has typically been reserved for larger businesses and costs a vast sum of money.

We are able to provide a unique IPO opportunity, where your company can get a public listing, with no upfront cost, within a group of profitable, synergistic, debt-free businesses.





We have partnered & invested into struggling companies in the past, by providing our unique services to SMEs in the UK, Asia & USA.

If you are struggling with your business, we welcome an introductory chat.


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