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Why Choose the UK ?

The United Kingdom provides top-tier talent, substantial investment opportunities, and a business-friendly environment for expanding, trading, and investing reliably. Strong connections with the United States, Canada, India, and China are facilitated by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) international offices. Innovate UK offers support to help businesses grow globally, facilitating access to knowledge, forming new partnerships, and exploring international innovation prospects. Our international programs aim to enhance understanding of other countries, foster relationships with various entities, promote collaboration, and identify future market potential and innovation opportunities.

Supporting Global Innovation

Capti work closely with Innovate UK who offers valuable support for expanding your business on a global scale. By partnering with us, you can gain insights into different markets, establish connections with various entities like businesses, investors, and governments worldwide, engage in collaborative innovation projects, and explore new opportunities for growth and market expansion. Our international programs are designed to enhance your understanding of other countries, foster relationships, and drive innovation across borders. Let us help you navigate the complexities of global business and unlock your potential for success.

Build your international innovation relationships and explore future market opportunities

The Capti Global Business Innovation Programmes, in collaboration with Innovate UK, assist UK businesses in exploring and capitalizing on international collaboration, growth, and innovation opportunities. Overcoming barriers such as understanding foreign markets and establishing partnerships is crucial for global expansion. This program helps businesses familiarize themselves with target markets, build connections, and maximize success chances. It offers tailored support to achieve specific business goals during the scaling process. Each program lasts 9 to 12 months, guiding cohorts of 15 businesses through market preparation, in-country visits, and ongoing support from Innovate UK Business Growth specialists.

UK Business Growth support to help you enter new markets

The UK Business Growth initiative plays a vital role in supporting innovative businesses that fuel economic advancement. It works alongside Innovate UK project funding by offering specialized support from growth specialists. Each innovative business in our portfolio receives tailored guidance from a dedicated specialist who helps identify strategies to boost growth. Our services assist small to medium-sized enterprises in leveraging innovation, intellectual property, and expanding into new markets domestically and internationally. Through our Innovation and Growth Specialists, businesses can access global partnerships and funding opportunities to enhance their growth prospects.

Explore opportunities to engage internationally

In collaboration with our Global Expert Missions, Innovate UK actively acquires and shares valuable knowledge and insights regarding innovative opportunities within specific industries and technologies across various countries. These comprehensive reports serve as a valuable source of information, shedding light on potential prospects for businesses and other entities.

Understand future market opportunities

Our Global Incubator Programme is designed to accelerate the growth of innovative businesses by providing them with opportunities to work in leading overseas incubators. This structured initiative consists of four stages aimed at addressing the common challenges encountered when expanding into international markets. Small and medium enterprises have the chance to delve into specific foreign markets, benefit from top-notch mentors, and utilize customized workspaces to gain insights into future customer needs and facilitate market access. The programme is active in the US, Canada, Singapore, and India, and is managed by Innovate UK Business Growth.

Work with international partners and innovate together

As a UK enterprise, we can offer financial assistance for collaborating with international partners to engage in joint research, development, and innovation. This support is provided through funding competitions involving multiple countries, where competitive grants are awarded to businesses and research institutions. Additionally, we partake in global funding competitions facilitated by the Eureka network, expanding collaboration opportunities for UK businesses on an international scale.


The Eureka network, consisting of over 45 countries, facilitates global cooperation in the development of innovative products and services. UK businesses can benefit by gaining access to expertise, skills, and support through joint R&D and innovation projects. This collaboration allows for the establishment of long-term partnerships with other businesses and research institutions. Additionally, financial assistance is available to support their involvement in these initiatives.

Eureka Eurostars

The Eureka Eurostars programme is for UK SMEs who want to take part in collaborative research with businesses in over 35 countries to develop new products, processes or services. There are two calls for proposals every year, usually in March and September. You can apply with two or more participants from two or more Eurostars countries. Only SMEs can lead a project. Innovate UK funds successful UK applicants up to 60% of eligible project costs (equivalent to €360,000 per UK project partner). We typically fund 10 to 15 projects per round. Large businesses or academic organisations can also take part in a Eurostars project but must fund this themselves.

Eureka Network Projects

Network projects enable bilateral and multilateral projects between two or more countries in the Eureka Network in any area.

Eureka Globalstars

Globalstars offers the UK a trusted way to collaborate with other world-leading research and innovation nations beyond the Eureka network. There have been recent calls with Japan and Singapore, the latter now having joined Eureka as a member.

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe stands as the most extensive European funding initiative for research and innovation, with a budget of €95.5 billion spanning from 2021 to 2027. UK entities like businesses, researchers, and scientists are eligible for EU funding under equal conditions as their EU counterparts. It is highly recommended that UK and global innovators collaborate to form international consortia for funding opportunities. The funding calls revolve around excellent science, addressing global challenges, enhancing European industrial competitiveness, and fostering innovation. Eligible entities for standard research or demonstration projects include registered businesses, charities, local authorities, partnerships, and research organizations with legal status. Let’s seize the opportunity for collaboration and advancement.


The United Kingdom’s advanced technology and groundbreaking research are propelling the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy. Engage in the eco-friendly movement by investing and trading with British industries that excel in the following innovative sectors.

Aerospace and jet zero

The UK has a dynamic, innovative aerospace sector and is positioning itself to stay at the forefront of new aviation technologies by pushing forward with low carbon travel.



The UK’s vibrant, international biopharmaceutical industry benefits from a long-term vision and partnership with government, and it’s supported by a world-class talent base.


The UK chemicals sector is playing a critical role in the delivery of a successfully decarbonised economy.

Clean agri-tech

Remarkable new technology means the UK can now decarbonise its agriculture sector and help its food supply chain become more sustainable.

Cyber security

A global leader in cyber security with the largest market in Europe, the UK provides an exceptional pipeline of talent and investment opportunities.

Financial services

The UK has one of the most open, innovative and dynamic financial services sectors in the world.

Food and drink

Combining high-quality produce with cutting-edge technology, the UK is at the forefront of innovation in the food and drink industry.

Green finance and innovation

Innovative new sources of finance are fundamental to the development of green technologies needed to reach net zero.

Healthcare and life sciences

The UK has a unique and globally competitive life sciences ecosystem supported by collaboration across industry, academia, government, the NHS and other health funders.


The UK is a prime location to identify medical technology innovation and to research, develop and evaluate products and services in the world-renowned NHS.

Offshore wind

The UK continues to drive investment and innovation in its thriving offshore wind sector through its world-leading ambition and deployment of new technologies.

Professional and business services

The UK is a leading provider of professional and business services (PBS), viewed as a global centre of excellence for innovation in business process outsourcing (BPO).


The UK is one of the leading retail markets in Europe, home to the highest proportion of international retailers and Europe’s largest e-commerce market.

Sustainable infrastructure

Sustainable infrastructure is vital to the acceleration of the global clean growth and climate resilience agenda – the UK is at the forefront of new technologies and approaches.

Transition fuels

The UK has a range of exciting opportunities for international oil and gas businesses – from exploration to innovation.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

The UK augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) sector is a pioneer in the digital revolution, with the fastest growing market in Europe.

Carbon capture, usage and storage

CCUS decarbonises the UK economy with technologies that capture carbon dioxide and store it deep underground where it cannot enter the atmosphere.

Civil nuclear

New and advanced nuclear power will help power the economy and deliver deep decarbonisation of the UK’s energy system.

Creative industries

The UK is a global leader in creative industries, with investment opportunities in TV, music, publishing, design, film, games development and advertising.


The UK has an EdTech scene that’s more attractive than ever to overseas investors, attracting nearly half (41%) of all investment in educational technology in Europe.


The UK is a global fintech hub, with extensive financial services experience, technological talent and progressive regulation.

Green Shipping

Building on a rich maritime history, the UK is pioneering environmentally friendly shipping and the adoption of green technologies across the industry.

Greener buildings

The UK is leading on the development of technologies and construction principles for a more sustainable built environment.


Low carbon hydrogen is our new super-fuel, a source of clean energy which we can produce domestically using British skills, expertise, and natural resources.

Mineral extraction and refining

The UK is a world leader across the full mining lifecycle, including low carbon solutions that can support a more sustainable industry.

Precision medicine

The UK is on an ambitious journey to be a centre for precision medicine, moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and as a tool in achieving health equity.

Real estate

The foundation block of the UK’s economy and its prosperity, real estate remains a prime destination for international capital investment.

Sports Economy

The UK has an excellent sporting reputation – one that’s underpinned by the presence of several huge sports brands and an unrivalled experience of delivering global sporting events.


The UK tech industry is a key growth sector, growing at a faster rate than the UK economy and maintaining its lead as one of the world’s premier locations for tech of all kinds.

Zero emission vehicles

The UK is leading the charge on zero emission vehicles.

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