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racism at work uk

Racism at work, not acceptabe… EVER

Every now and again, a complex area of law is thrust into the limelight by the circumstances of a particularly high-profile case.


A recent example of this being the matter of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, whose mishandling of Azeem Rafiq’s historical allegations of racism at work UK became the subject of a major investigation by the digital, culture, media, and sport select committee.


Having dismissed the claims as “friendly and good-natured banter” that didn’t merit disciplinary action, the club found itself engaged in a very public legal, financial and reputational tug-of-war – serving as a stern warning, not just to those in the world of sport, but to employers throughout all other industries too.

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supply chain issue uk

Tackling supply chain challenges with AI

COVID-19 sent a clear message to companies: supply chain issue in UK is a real and constant threat. Chip shortages made carmakers pause assembly lines. Scarce ingredients slowed production of sanitizers. And rising demand for key drugs and vaccines put pharma businesses under real pressure.


The good news: artificial intelligence can help. We’ve applied two novel AI methods to address supply chain disruptions like these.


AI in the mix


First, we’ve used what are called counterfactual explanations to help clients quickly update existing products.… See more...


Disruption; powered by innovation

The age of disruption. New frontiers of industrial revolution powered by research, science and innovation.

The next generation of technologies of the fourth industrial revolution have the potential to transform virtually every industry and create economic value that is going to be significant.

They are:

  • blurring the lines
  • changing how we interact with the information
  • revolutionising the way we live and work
  • influencing the future of our world.

They are changing how we are engaging and behaving, both as individuals and as a community.

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grant funding for business

Increase in funding for game-changing green innovation and woman-led companies…

Increase in grant funding for game-changing green innovation business and woman-led companies…


A significant increase to the European Innovation Council (EIC) Pilot budget is expected to be adopted by the European Commission in March 2020, to support game-changing, market-creating innovation and deep-tech SMEs to scale-up, paving the ground for the launch of a ‘fully-fledged’ programme in Horizon Europe (2021 – 2027).


A one-off EIC Accelerator call for ‘green deal’ start-ups and SMEs is expected, whereby all applicants submitting for the 19th May 2020 cut-off will need to demonstrate how their innovation contributes to the goals of The European Green Deal.… See more...

startup grant funding

Guide to startup funding

Finding startup funding can be a challenge when you’re starting your business and looking to grow. There are many different funding options to choose from, and navigating your way around UK startup funding can seem overwhelming.


Here at Capti, we know how complex the UK startup landscape can be for early-stage businesses; that’s why we’ve put together this bite-sized guide to help you make your next move.

This guide covers every viable funding option for early-stage companies and provides helpful advice and valuable resources.… See more...

innovation start-up business

How to set up an innovation start-up business



As well as being the inventor of an idea, you will need a business plan of how to exploit it. If your idea comes from an existing organisation, eg a business or university, the new business is called a ‘spin-out’.


This guide shows you how to create an innovation start-up and how to set up the business. It outlines the different types of finance that might be available and how investors make a return on their investments.


Protecting the assets of your new company


It is important to assess what your assets may be and how you can protect them.… See more...

business funding options uk

Business funding without a bank loan

While a bank loan might be the most obvious, there are several business funding options in UK.

As many startups will tell you, getting a bank loan to expand your business can be pretty tricky – especially if you don’t yet have much trading history. So, thousands of UK entrepreneurs look for alternative options of business funding to get their business going.


There are loads of business funding options in UK out there, from personal savings and family loans to grants and crowdfunding.

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budget 2021 uk

Budget 2021 – how will it affect innovation funding?

According to the UK Government, innovative fast-growing companies account for less than 1% of UK companies, however such companies add £1 trillion to the UK economic system and account for the majority of net employment growth and output growth- it’s fascinating to see they are a principal investment focus in The Budget 2021.


Research and innovation are critical to our country’s prosperity, security and wellbeing, particularly in a time when the UK economy is grappling with the affects of Covid 19 and any challenges associated with Brexit (the UK’s departure from the EU).… See more...

innovation grants

A Brief Guide to IP for Innovation Grants

As specialist innovation grants writers, we really need to have a comprehension of Intellectual Property (IP) to have the option to express our clients’ developments in their award applications, amplifying the probability of  accomplishment precisely. In this blog, we will examine four focuses you ought to consider around IP while creating development centered award applications.


1) Do you have IP?


Licensed innovation (IP) Rights reward imaginative and inventive individuals by offering them the chance to shield and in this manner bring in cash from the protected innovation they have made.… See more...

innovate uk capti innovation

Guide to winning Innovate UK’s Young Innovators Competition

Are you a bold young innovator searching for funding?


Innovate UK’s Young Innovators Awards competition is aimed at younger people aged 18-30. UK-based residents can apply for an award to make their business concept a reality, which consists of a grant for £5000, a living allowance, and tailored business support.

As a young innovators, this might also be the first time you have considered applying for a grant in competition. Through this blog, we will grant some pointers and hints on how to maximise the likelihood of success.… See more...