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In the 2019 Delivery Plan Innovate UK explain how they will help fund and connect businesses to develop the new products, processes and services that will meet or define the markets of the future. Capti strategy & innovation consultants work closely with Innovate UK & are ready to support your disruptive innovation journey.


in 2022 Capti Innovation grant writers are currently engaged in projects in the following area’s


  1. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
  2. Plastic recycling / reduction of plastic waste
  3. Biotech
  4. Carbon reduction (global warming)
  5. Mental Health Awareness Platforms


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Artificial intelligence (AI) and the data economy


AI is an industry in its own right. It also has potential to transform many other parts of our economy and society, and harnessing its potential has been set out as one of the Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges. Full use of data and AI throughout value chains will increase productivity and create thousands of high-value jobs. Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers focus is on AI and data innovation for sectors of strategic importance to the UK, including creative industries, space and high-value services.


Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers are working on the growing need for tools that can interpret and exploit data for improved decision-making and competitiveness. These include:


  1. Secure and reliable data capture and transmission, including the Internet of Things, 5G and satellite communications
  2. Advanced data analysis
  3. Tools for people to interact with and interpret data and content
  4. Business models that underpin a sustainable data economy.


The UK is already a world leader in AI and data, with clusters in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Oxford, Bristol, Belfast and Cambridge, and considerable strength in related technologies such as cyber-security, robotics and Earth observation. In 2020-21 & beyond Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers will:


  1. Support the UK’s vibrant AI and data eco-system across sectors to develop and adopt cutting-edge innovations to increase productivity and competitiveness
  2. Work with the Office for AI to develop the technology’s commercial potential in the UK through the AI Sector Deal, for example through KTPs to transfer research skills into businesses
  3. Work with the new Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation and regulators to foster trusted AI and data technologies, and support the Open Data Institute to ensure the UK stays at the vanguard of data and innovation.


Ageing society, health and nutrition


The global population is not only growing. It is ageing, with the proportion of the population aged over 80 set to double over the next 25 years and 2.1bn people forecast to be 60 or over by 2050. The associated challenges present a significant opportunity for UK businesses. Opportunities exist for innovation to:


  1. Scale productivity of food production through modern methods such as vertical farming
  2. Develop, test and manufacture at scale next-generation medicines, such as cell and gene therapies, that treat patients individually and potentially offer cures
  3. Diagnose diseases faster and before symptoms emerge
  4. Enable people to lead more independent lives as they age.


The UK is building world-leading expertise in these areas and has strong business sectors working across healthcare, medicines, agriculture, food and biosciences – supported by service sectors such as the UK’s world-leading design industry – which contribute significantly to the economy and provide thousands of high-value jobs. As a result, they are well-placed to meet the challenges and lead in global markets. In 2019-21 Innovate UK will:


  1. Support the UK’s strong SME sector to develop and generate real-world evidence for innovative medical devices, diagnostics and regulated digital health products, to advance commercial evaluation and adoption
  2. Ensure the UK’s cell and gene therapy industry stays internationally competitive by providing support for manufacturing, clinical trials, new standards and global collaborations
  3. Help businesses working in drug discovery and data science to identify potential new treatments that are more predictive and precise, and accelerate them into clinical development
  4. Provide support to the agriculture and food industries through initiatives including the Centres for Agricultural Innovation and the AgriTech Catalyst that addresses both local and global markets



Clean growth and infrastructure


Encompassing clean energy, better urban systems and smarter infrastructure and food production, clean growth is one of the greatest challenges of our time; this is recognised in the Industrial Strategy through the creation of the Clean Growth Grand Challenge. With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently projecting that the world needs to be at net zero carbon by 2050, potential exists for the UK to generate clean-growth opportunities for businesses by making rapid, far-reaching changes across every aspect of society.


With its major clean-growth and infrastructure businesses and strong base of highly creative companies that offer expertise in adopting new methods and delivering solutions across multiple domains, the UK is well-placed to harness this opportunity. We will therefore help businesses that can have a transformative impact on society’s essential infrastructure and that can seize the opportunities presented by the global low-carbon economy. Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers will:


  1. Deliver an air-quality innovation programme that supports the goals of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra’s) Air Quality Plan to tackle all sources of air pollution, making our air healthier to breathe, protecting nature and boosting the economy
  2. Launch the Innovation Exchange – a process to connect offshore wind, nuclear and energy-system companies with innovative suppliers outside their usual supply chains who have technological solutions to their challenges.



Mobility, manufacturing and materials


Mobility is fundamental to business and society. For example, people need to get to work, see their friends and family, go to school or get to a doctor. But, driven by extraordinary innovation in engineering, technology and business models, the world is on the cusp of a profound change in the way we move people, goods and services. Electrification and autonomy are the driving factors across our roads, rail, marine and air transport.


Advanced materials will enable people and goods to travel faster, cheaper, more safely and with less environmental impact by light-weighting, energy efficiency, enhanced functionality and improved operating lifetimes.


The world is also moving from a highly regulated, well-defined transport system to a future of autonomous land, air and sea vehicles. To help realise this, we will focus on the infrastructure, operations, materials and other hardware, and data systems required. We will work closely with experts in digital technology and other parts of the UK’s world-class research base to ensure these technologies align with manufacturers’ needs.


Strengthening manufacturing is vital to the strength of the UK economy. The sector currently accounts for 10% of the total economy, 44% of exports and 70% of R&D. As well as delivering advanced materials and innovation for the future of mobility, we will invest in innovation in manufacturing, anchoring this vital activity in the UK through, for example, the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.In 2019-20 Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers will:

  1. Deliver the UK Aerospace Research & Technology Programme, in partnership with the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), to maintain and grow the UK’s competitive position in aerospace design and manufacture
  2. Continue to partner with the Advanced Propulsion Centre in delivering £500 million of investment over 10 years to the UK automotive sector
  3. Work in partnership with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and the Centre for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV), to ensure the UK is at the forefront of R&D for the future of mobility.


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