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88% of Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant services submissions completed by our writing teams win for our clients. Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers win because we compete only where there is a great chance for a client to win. Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers plan our bid writing activity well, and we use employ the best writers with proven track records to lead and deliver projects.


Capti grant writers recognise that bid writing follows the 80/20 pareto rule. It takes 20% of your time to deliver an 80% bid and the remaining 80% of time to deliver the remaining 20%. Good bids are delivered through an iterative (revisioning) process which drafts initial responses for fact and content checking then revisioning lifts the quality of the response, increases content, example evidence, and third party testimonial to arrive at a final draft. Editing then focuses on readability, page and word limitations before final sense checking.


Capti Provides

  1. Win rates of 88% on tenders and bids
  2. 100% win rate on Framework agreements
  3. Effective bid management processes
  4. Excellent track record on Short notice bid development
  5. “BLACK AND WHTE” Clear Go/ No-go advice and guidance
  6. Development of high quality propositions
  7. Effective integration with internal staff and bid teams
  8. Organised bid collateral for future use
  9. Detailed bid and feedback review to establish lessons learned



Why customers use Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers?


Capti Bid Planning Strategy


  1. Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers Build the project management plan
  2. Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers Define the work packages required for completion
  3. Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers Identify the bidding team, and research requirements, Desktop review of the sector opportunities and marketplace


Capti Research


  1. Project modelling and financial planning to arrive at the Commercial schedule
  2. Identify relevant track record evidence
  3. Establish competitor win themes


Capti Commercial Pricing schedules


Contract modelling to establish price assumptions, costs model, and evaluation of price offer against a ‘Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT)’ price competition.


Capti Drafting


Storyboarding narrative responses against the specification, evaluation methodology, competitor assessment and win themes and providing an evidence based narrative response.


Capti Graphics


Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers graphics team develop illustrations, flowcharts, service models and imagery to capture brand and USP’s.


Capti Editing


Capti Innovate UK Smart Grant writers independent Editors critically analyse responses against the specification, evaluation criteria and the scoring and weighting and through an iterative revisioning process refine and uplift responses. Pareto tells us it takes 20% of the time to reach 80% performance it’s the tougher 80% that lifts the final 20%.


Capti Proof and Sense check


All final drafts once edited are proofread and sense checked independently to ensure that content provided agrees with the content intended through the editing process


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