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Funding your business and your innovation

One of the current focuses for the UK Government is trying to respond to the impacts of Covid-19 by widely investing in the UK’s recovery. Supporting jobs and businesses, building back greener and meeting the 2.4% of GDP target by 2027 for R&D spending are just some of the ways they are planning to challenge the economic impacts of the pandemic.


R&D funding- Technologies for the future


“…at least £490 million in 2021-22 for Innovate UK core programmes and infrastructure to support ground-breaking technologies and businesses”.… See more...

what is crl

What is TRL ???

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) was originally created by NASA to assess whether their emerging technology was suitable for space exploration. Nowadays, this approach is used over a variety of different industries to understand the maturity of a technology and assess whether it’s ready for use in the “real world”.


How does TRL apply to grant funding?


R&D grant funds support the development of novel technologies from TRL 1 (Basic Principle Observed) through to TRL 9 (Actual Technology Proven in Operational Environment).… See more...

what is crl

What is CRL ???

What is Commercial Readiness Level (CRL)?


R&D grant funders have shifted in the balance between technical innovation and commercial potential in current years. We find ourselves now in a position of equality where organizations must demonstrate both novelty and scalability to be successful.


Innovate UK, in particular, are now presenting Innovation Loans that support late-stage R&D activity with a preference for near-commercial products, techniques and services.


The Commercial Readiness Level (CRL) framework assesses various indicators which influence the business and market conditions beyond just the science maturity.… See more...