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Dont miss out on R&D Tax Credits !

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits have grow to be a valuable source of funding for companies and can useful resource in accelerating business growth. This weblog encompasses everything you need to be aware of about the scheme to assist you identify if you are missing out on claiming expenditure spent on research and development.


What are R&D Tax Credits?


R&D tax credits are an incentive designed via the Government to reward innovative companies who spend cash on growing new products, processes, or services; or enhancing present ones.… See more...

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Plans to increase public R&D investment to £22 billion

Already heavily influenced by Brexit and the dynamic new government and a chancellor eager to make a dramatic move, many will feel that last week’s budget was totally replaced by the extraordinary and global response to the evolving Covid-19 pandemic.


However, although we are far from an “environment”, the budget gives a clear indication of how this government intends to support R&D


In particular, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced ambitious plans to dramatically increase public R&D investment to 22 billion pounds per year 2024-2025.… See more...